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If you are looking for a Catalogue brochure designing we are delhi based company to serve you. We design creative catalouge brochure and websites.  We just let the design do the talking. Whether it is catalog design, logo design, banner designs, brochure designs, poster and leaflet design, any other promotional item or business documents.
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Brochures are an invaluable marketing tool to promote your brand, products and offerings. In fact, when it comes to brochure printing, your prime goal is to provide the right information to your target audience. So getting your brochure design right will ensure that your customers get the right message loud and clear. At Balaji Ad Prints , we are brochure printing professionals, who work hard to ensure that your marketing literature is produced to the highest standards on the agreed delivery date. Specialist in corporate and industrial designing and printing.

We create every catalog from scratch; we do not work from pre-made templates. We interview you about your target market, industry, competition and style needs and build a design best suited for you. We charge only for the amount of time it takes to complete your job. Catalogs are big projects so we strive to be as efficient with our time as possible. We'll help guide you in preparing your information to keep our costs down as well. We want a long-term relationship with our clients so making catalogs affordable and ideally designed is a top priority. 

As catalogs continue to advance in their design and strive to stand out in the crowded mail-order market, the following design principals still prove effective in producing sound catalog design and selling product. Of course, with every design rule there can be exceptions, but these generally accepted design rules will help guide you in producing a good catalog.
Develop your "brand image" by using consistent layouts and design.
It is important to develop recognizable spreads, typographical elements, and imaging to create a consistent design associated with your catalog or company. However, if every spread follows the same layout customers will become bored and likely not browse the entire catalog. Mixing up the spread designs from time to time within the book will add surprise and variety, keeping the customer engaged in your products. You can improve pacing by creating "stopper" spreads throughout the catalog using a series of planned layout changes.
For example you might use different layout designs - alternating from free flow to grids or vise versa, backgrounds or colors to mix up the overall catalog design. Breaking up the format will grab the customers' attention and encourage them to stop and read the whole spread.
Standard catalog formats are more economical.
Formats such as a standard full-size, slim-jim or digest-size catalog in whole signature page counts tend to be the most economical catalog designs to print and mail. Spend time with your printer and the Postal Service to determine an efficient trim size.
Not only do standard catalog formats save money, they also tend to "fit" better. This is both a positive and a negative. A catalog design that is too unusual in format may not fit the customer's environment and may get disposed of fairly quickly. On the other hand a standard format may come across as plain and boring, not getting the notice you desire.
Unique formats will attract more attention.
Plain truth: unique catalog formats get more attention. Some catalogers use unique or oversize formats to differentiate themselves or get more focus. Such formats can add as much as 25% to your paper and production costs, however some mailers trying to present a certain image find it's worth the expense.
Working with your printer can produce unique formats with little or no extra expense. For instance you can bend the rules and bind a standard full-size catalog along the short side creating a wide, horizontal catalog format.
Four-color catalog performs better than one- or two-color catalogs.
Products presented in full color look more attractive, grab more attention and generate more sales than a one- or two-color catalog designs. Only in some select cases are the cost savings of one- or two-color printing justified. We've seen many clients grow from one- or two-color catalogs to full color catalogs experience a 25% jump in sales with little to no change in product line and distribution.


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